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Online Courses for kids - Artificial Intelligence -Python - Robotic Courses and much more

Students Enrolled With us

What kids will learn?

Develop Knowledge

Logic Building - K2G

Learn what is programming? How to make programs and develop logical thinking.


Variables - K2G

Learn how to use variables in programs and make stories and quizzes.

Game Designs

Game Designs - K2G

Learn the different aspects of game design and make games and animations.

Mathematical Operations

Mathematical Operations - K2G

Learn how to do simple and complex Mathematical operations in programming.

Conditional Statements

Conditional Statements - K2G

Learn how to make decisions in programming using conditional statements.

Sequence and loop

Sequence and Loops - K2G

Learn how make programs efficiently and smartly using sequence and loops.

AIR science Online Course with Kids2genius, Pune.

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Yes! The AI (artificial intelligence) online course has been prepared in such a way that kids and beginners of all ages can dive into the world of artificial intelligence and learn AI basics and machine learning

Our AI online course will help your child develop important 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving skills, creativity, etc.  and relate to the real-world around better. Moreover, AI, ML, and coding are the skills of the future and will open doors to successful careers. Last, but not least, they are fun to learn!

So what are you waiting for?  Call Now!

No Need! Coding or not, anybody who’s ever wanted to enter the Matrix or have a life like the Jetsons is welcome to take the AI online course. In fact, you’ll get to learn coding basics as well along the way! 

The benefits of learning to program are numerous. Programming helps kids boost their creativity and cognitive skills, improves memory, adds to their brainpower, and fuels present-mindedness. It helps them develop problem-solving skills and relate to the world around them better. Knowing how to program also opens doors to successful careers. Last, but not least, learning to program is fun!

What Students & Parents tells About Us

Good service from Kids2Genius my kids liked the service so informative
I liked the education program and service I will prefer to have more session.
All the service is good, and i would like to have this service for my school
My Experience with your coding class was very nice and informative, Teaching Method was very good, I will join for advance course also.
Live Tution
Diksha Sawant
Coding Course Student