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Learn by Doing Build 21st Century Skills Innovate the Future.Kickstart your journey into the world of electronics, programming, and robotics while making dozens of STEM projects with the Kit – one of the best DIY STEM robot building kits for kids and beginners of all ages out there.

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It is true that if you watch, engage through assessments and collaborate while learning, you understand the concept much better than just reading and understanding. Our high quality digital content to simplify your concepts and clear your doubts. Some of the other digital resources which help you memorize and revise are concept maps, synopsis, gamified quizzes and assignments.


Coding Courses. Courses Of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. Kids Online Certificate Courses For Ages 7 and Above Learn skills online from the best online courses sitting anywhere in the world. Private Teacher Batchwise with 5 Students 21st-Century Skills Self-Paced Learning Live Online Learning Sessions Period Assessment Online Certificate 24x7 Course Access

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Courses Highlights

1.Introduction to Programming for 7-9 years

2.Introduction to Programming for 10+ years

3.Artificial Intelligence for Kids for 7-9 years

4.Artificial Intelligence for Kids for 10+ years

5.Introduction To Programming (10+ Years) – LMS + Live Sessions(One-One)

6.Artificial Intelligence For Kids (10+ Years) – LMS + Live Sessions(One-One)

7. Quarky Kit ROBOT with Artificial Intelligence Course + Delivery Charges + Additional cost for live Sessions. 15live sessions + 40projects