Traditional Education Vs Online Education

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With the evolving time; the concept of education system as emerged from

bricks and mortar Schools which is Traditional Education into E-learning

That is ‘Online Education’. Lately, online education is setting trends among kids and has been implemented by nearly every school in our nation.

 Let’s take a glance at Traditional vs Online education.

Accessibility – In traditional learning kids must physically be present in school and comply with the time schedule.

 Whereas, online learning permits kids the convenience of their home and in their available time.

 Flexibility – In traditional learning kids may have to endure constant pressure to cope

with the speed.

 Whereas, with online education kids can learn at their own pace, can pause or rewind and review as many times as they require.

 Cost effective – As opposed to traditional education; online education offers

Cost effective learning that allows everyone with an affordable education.

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