What is the anticipation of parents?

Parents and School is the core of every kid.


The pandemic Covid’19 is causing a catastrophic impact across the globe; which has also caused an effect on the education system. Therefore, it is

indeed apparent that parents are apprehensive about their kids and their education for the present academic year. Whether or not the school decides to resume, the situation for every parents is like to be ‘between the devil and the deep sea’. Parents are brooding over their kid’s safety which may be a predicament due to the pandemic. Every school has initiated to prepare kids for the education of the current academic year through a constructive substitute that is ‘Online Education.’ Parents seem to be delighted has their kid’s education and safety has been uncompromised although, they ponder upon certain questions.


l How to keep up with kids schedule?

l Are kids focused in online learning or hold options for distraction?

l What can a parent do to help the kids?

l Is it possible to track the learning progress of kids?


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